Devices and Hardware Solutions

Devices from CootelFone (CTF)

CTF is a member of Techlead’s technology development family. CTF builds a wide array of phones, CPEs, modems, Set Top Boxes (STBs), accessories for mobile computing, IoT devices, POS machines and much more. Techlead can provide high quality customized products that combines the CTF Hardware with Techlead Software to accomplish the objectives of customers. Talk to Techlead to get all your product requirements met with best quality and best price.

Techlead Power and Utility Management
Techlead Oil and Gas Field Management


Techlead has built many advanced solutions using sensors to accomplish tasks that link back to IoT platforms. From solutions to fully protect a 18 wheeler with integrated Tire Pressure Sensors (TPMS) to J-1939 bus architectures to a vast array of sensors that ensure the productivity and safety that customers look for. Our solutions span manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, chemical plants and much more. All solutions come with fully integrated solutions that are ready to be deployed in the field with minimal development time to meet the specifics of the chosen environment.

Cabling Solutions

Techlead’s technology solutions includes the best of class communications cabling solutions that span fiber optics (duct and air) to UTP. We will also take over the task of wiring entire buildings or towns as requested by the customers. Techlead will source all material needed including any equipment for trenching.

Techlead Security and Law Enforcement

Other Work